Department of Botany

Botany is one of the main branches of Biology . It is the systematic & scientific study of plants .Theophrastus ( C 371-287 BC ) , a student of Aristotle who is known as the father or founder of Botany . Botany has many branches . These are ★ Plant anatomy
★ Plant genetics
★ Cytology
★ Ecology
★ Biochemistry
★ Biophysics
★ Plant taxonomy
★ Physiology
★ Microbiology
★ Moleculan Biology
★ Palebotany
Plants work to clean our air , help us to feed the world , allow us to build houses and provide beauty in our lives . For this reason , the study of Botany is very very important for our lives & environment .

Botany Department at Palashbari Govt. College:

Palashbari Government College, Gaibandha was founded in 1964(Nationalization 1988). it's teaching of Botany also started in 1964. The Department has been teaching HSC and Degree Pass Course level students. Honour's and Masters Course not open to yet.

Teachers List

Dil Upruza Yesmin
Head of The Department
Lecturer (Botany)
District: Gaibandha
Mobile: 01716809168

Mst. Madina Khatun
Lecturer (Botany)
BCS (General Education)
38th BCS
District: Kurigram


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